They say beautiful things don’t ask for attention. So we say, let the bike speak for itself. Our deliberately simple approach puts the focus on thoughtful design, quality materials, and meticulous construction. Each step of the process is carefully crafted and nothing is rushed. Our full tilt obsessive compulsive disorder will not allow us to be satisfied with your build until it cannot be made any better.

Pricing / Ordering

Our fillet brazed frames start at $1800. This includes a 44mm headtube, stainless steel dropouts, and single color wet paint of your choice.

Are you just kicking the tires or ready to pull the trigger? Either way let’s get the conversation started. Our process begins with communication. This is where we gain a clear understanding of the bike you absolutely desire. We will discuss your riding style, the terrain you ride, other bikes you’ve ridden, your current bike, what you like, and what you don’t like. We will also have you complete our fit form. This will provide us useful measurements that will help establish a baseline for your new bikes geometry.

When you’re ready then a non-refundable $400 deposit will secure your spot in the queue. As your spot in the build queue draws near we will send you a CAD file of your frame for your approval. Once approved, then the party gets started. Please contact us for a current lead time.

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